Underground by Grayson Lauffenburger
Grayson Lauffenburger's picture


January 8, 2016
19mm · f/4.0 · 1/80s · ISO 2000
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Dave Kavanagh's picture

I love wide angle location portraits and this is a truly beautiful example.

Anonymous's picture

Wonderful image

Anonymous's picture

Love your work! Great mix of vibrant, colorful, and dark too!

Grayson Lauffenburger's picture

thanks, chris. yeah this was an interesting location to shoot. it was all ambient light and those strip lights on the ceiling really create some cool tones.

Daniel Vuong's picture

such a cool photo, Berlin Ubahn? I guess you are a German?

Matt Allan's picture

What a fantastic photo.
I love the angle tone and expression in this shot.
Well done.

Mark Richardson's picture

Very cool shot.

Russell Anthony's picture

Excellent, would love to see a B&W version of this