Jaclyn by Michael Woloszynowicz
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Dylan Patrick's picture

excellent, toning, and color work, and a beautiful portrait. Her expression is really interesting to me, ther eis almost a soft sense of desperation. I love that is a brighter shot too, which would probably have a very interesting impact darker as well, great shot

Thanks Dylan, it's definitely the expression that drew me to this shot. I saw the model with it and told her to hold it for like 10 frames to make sure I nail the focus.

Bryan Dockett's picture

Some of your portrait work reminds me of Dmitry Ageev and he's my favorite portrait photog so kudos!

That's quite the compliment Bryan, thank you! Dmitry is a fantastic photographer.

Dani Diamond's picture

Love the latest high key work.

Glad you like it Dani, I'm really happy with them as well. Thinking about doing an Fstoppers post on it soon.

Daniel Grindrod's picture

Another brilliant shot Michael! love everything about this.

Thank you Daniel, glad you like it

Absolutely love this portrait. It looks like you were using quite a wide aperture, and you totally nailed the focus. Her pupils look a bit off though, is it just the reflection or did you widen them a bit? Either way absolutely beautiful.