Chrissy by Chris K.
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February 18, 2016

Model: Chrissy Marie
Hair & MUA: Chrissy Marie
Location: Miami Shores, FL

I’m sure any of you who have looked through my port would notice that I love that Classic Playboy look, and this set with Chrissy I wanted to replicate that in not as much an ideal location-a very narrow hallway.

Key: Camera Right a strobe with an 86” PLM Umbrella and diffusion sock
Rim Lights: Camera right, a strobe with a reflector, 30 degree grid, and 1/2 CTO aimed between the wall and the column Chrissy has her hand on-there was literally 4” of room between the two so the column acted as a flag so that light didn’t wrap over the key that much.
Camera left I had three strobes each with a reflector and 20 degree grid. The top one was just on her hair with 1/2 CTO and metered a half stop under my key. Under that, that strobe had a 1/4 CTS-didn’t want it as warm as my hair light and was aimed from her back to upper thigh. The bottom strobe didn’t have any gels and was about 2 stops under my key and was pointed at her lower leg(s) to give a little bit of separation to the background.
Back Lights: I love having reflective areas in my background, the specular highlights can definitely add some depth to my shots with minimal lighting. I had two backlights which were practically on top of my rim lights (not much room back there) Both had reflectors, diffusion, and 1/2 CTS and shown through a cuculoris to break up the diffused light a little bit more and less evenly then with just diffusion. One backlight was pointed at the back wall, and the other down the hallway just behind Chrissy. I just wanted it to feel very natural looking as if it was the golden hour and there was a large window behind her.

So that’s replicating the Classic Playboy Look… in a 30’ hallway

85mm · f/3.5 · 1/125s · ISO 50
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Hans Kokx's picture

I love the way the light falls along the curves of her back.

Neo Racer's picture

Amazing, I didnt' even know she was still shooting too

Jim Lake's picture

Thanks so much for describing your set-up. I, too, love the old Playboy mode. Great photo.

Bill Larkin's picture

I like it :) I too, love that classic playboy style.

Scott Van DeHey's picture

Sick nice lighting.