Lady in Red  by Grayson Lauffenburger
Grayson Lauffenburger's picture

Lady in Red

February 23, 2016

Hong Kong.

35mm · f/2.8 · 1/800s · ISO 1600
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Peter Stewart's picture

Gonna be honest here and say that fashion images rarely make an impact on me, it's just not a topic of interest for me both as a photographer and as a viewer.
I say this because this image stopped me dead in my tracks. I can't stop looking at it for some reason. I just love everything about this shot! The low framing with the lovely blurred HK street backdrop. The cold green tones with the red jacket just looks perfect to me!
Just utterly awesome!

Grayson Lauffenburger's picture

thats the hugest of compliments, peter. thanks you so much.

Trevor Christopher's picture

I have to agree 100% with your assessment.

Nick Pecori's picture

Beautiful fashion shot! +1

Pascal Thériault's picture

One of the best images I've seen in a long time. Colors are amazing, model an styling is incredible. This is just perfect!

Ariel Majtas's picture

Wow! One word... Congrats!

Louis Tinsley's picture

I first saw this on IG and immediately loved it. one of the best I've seen in a while. love everything about it

Grayson Lauffenburger's picture

thanks a lot, louis. appreciate the kind words my dude.

Nikolai Lev4enko's picture

wonderful shot, really beautiful work (post process too)

Grayson Lauffenburger's picture

thanks a lot, nikolai :) this was the first fashion shoot i had done with a fuji and i was a bit nervous but it worked flawlessly!

David Jaan's picture

Great setting and love the tones in this shot

Grayson Lauffenburger's picture

gracias david. the lighting was amazing and everything about the setting was just right. it was such a great combination that came together!

Michael Matos's picture

I keep coming back to this image.

Martin Strauss's picture

i love the post!! :)

Darren Nana's picture

Cant really add more than the existing comments but this is spot on. Just the right amount of attitude from the model too. Nice!

Randy Nicholson's picture

Very lovely image

Wil Cohen's picture

I dig this one 🤘

Dave Terry's picture

Just gonna pile on the praise. In addition to everything else others have already said, I love that this looks like an actual photo in spite of it's ultra-smooth, yet detailed texture. Nothing looks "smoothed" or "sharpened" - just looks like impeccable lighting and soft natural textures of the material and her skin. I aspire to this.