Heather by Chris K.
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February 23, 2016

Model: Heather Lynne
Hair & MUA: Michelle Leila
Jay Jay Swimwear

So for Jay Jay Swimwear I wanted to do an evening pool shoot to show off some of the new line. I love vibrant colors in my photography so definitely wanted a very vibrant and glamour look.

Key: Strobe with 82” Soft Silver PLM Umbrella-very flat and I practically shot next to it, was slightly off camera right.

Rim Lights:
Camera Right: Strobe with 11” Long Throw Reflector and 60 Cyan gel. I chose for this light the long throw to really pack a punch since this would be the main rim light.
Camera Left: Strobe with a reflector and 30 degree grid and 2x CTB to really contrast the other rim light

Back Lights:
Shot into the fountain part of the pool a strobe with 1/2 CTO, into the pool that strobe had a 1/4 CTB, and just next to that in between a strobe with a purple gel filter.

This was actually a test shot, for the final shots I dumped a bunch of dry ice into the pool, but just really liked this shot even more then later with the smoke

85mm · f/2.0 · 1/100s · ISO 50
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