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High Key Chrissy Marie

March 14, 2016

Model & MUA: Chrissy Marie
Location: Miami Shores, FL

With this set from my shoot with Chrissy, I wanted a very natural-looking high key shot. And I was a bit pressed for time so I only lit this with two strobes.

Key Light: The strobe was book-lit into my 4’x6’ California Sunbounce through a 1/2 diffusion roll. I positioned it just off camera left and kept everything really low to the ground to limit the shadows on the side of her face closest to me.

Back Light: A strobe with a 10”x36” stripbox. It was just out of my shot, boomed over her on camera left.

To keep the high-key look I controlled the ambient light through the curtains with my shutter speed. I settled with 1/160 which just was just past the limit to retain detail in my highlights.

85mm · f/4.0 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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this is such a sensual photo.. love the posing and definitely helps that the model is blessed with nice curves