Micaela for Amica Magazine by Georgi Andinov
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Micaela for Amica Magazine

June 25, 2014
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Bert McLendon's picture

Love it!

Anonymous's picture

Awesome shot!

Bo Bickley's picture

Beautifully toned in B&W. Quite the contrast between the two images of her. Well done!

Patrick Hall's picture

Micaela has won the hearts of FS

Jason Ranalli's picture

Umm yeah...you could say that. Gorgeous model and the captured expression is really stellar.

Tracey Williams's picture

Love this!

Dennis Ramos's picture

Excellent! Beautiful work Georgi!

John White's picture

Great use of B&W. Nice lighting as well!

Brad Williams's picture

Wow...this is incredible! Fantastic work Georgi.

Josh Crump's picture

Amazing work.

Chris Cameron's picture

Simple approach, Very nice, let the talent shine!

Jaime Ibarra's picture

wow. just wow.

Josh Eskridge's picture

Great black and white tones and contrast. I love her expression too!

John Martin's picture

I've always been a sucker for B/W. Love the contrasts you got.

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Genial !

Michael Foyle's picture

Gorgeous shot

Robert Hunter's picture

Great image!

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Great shot!

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