Personal project with my own Mazda RX7 Type R.

66mm · f/8.0 · 1/1s · ISO 400
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Ian McCann's picture

Stunning work, again. Very evocative. I love it.

So how do you get such good lighting on those upper curving profiles? You get great results.

Graham Taylor's picture

Thanks Ian! This car was shot in the studio and then combined with a backdrop in post. The lighting doesnt technically 'fit' the environment, but in this case that was the aim. I wanted the shot to look like it had been taken from a video game (but with sharpness and detail that comes from a digital photograph).

To be brutally honest, I just wanted a print of my car for the garage wall!

Ian McCann's picture

Well I think you have done a great job of lighting it, so it looks at one in that setting. Impressive. Do you use LED panel type lighting or flash or what?

Graham Taylor's picture

Thank you. For this shot I used two flash-heads (only cheapies - Godox RS600) which I bounced off the studio wall/ceiling. Generally I light-paint with an LED strip as it's a bit more controlled.