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April 6, 2016

Model: Heather Lynne
MUA & Hair: Michelle Leila
Location: Miami Shores, FL

So just experimenting around I wanted a silhouette/fine-art shot for this set with Heather:

No Key light

Rim Lights all metering 1/2 stop under what my key would’ve been (so f/4.8)
Camera Right: Strobe with a 7” reflector, 20 degree grid, and 1/2 CTB
Camera Left: Strobe with 7” reflector and 20 degree grid

Back Lights
Camera Right: 2 strobes, one with a 3/4 CTB one pointing towards the pool and the other backlighting the fog with a 30 Cyan gel
Camera Left: 3 Strobes, two had 1 stop CTB and the other had a 1/2 CTO. The two with the CTB were positioned like the two on camera right (illuminating the pool and fog) and the warm light was pointed toward the middle of the pool in between where the other pool lights were to create some depth via color temperatures in the middle.

Also to create a bit of funky atmosphere off camera right I had a strobe with a VS Green gel bouncing into a 4’x6’ California Sunbounce, I set it 2 stops under what my key would’ve been (to give the image a bit of a green-tint in the shadows). It’s an old Hollywood trick to give the image a green undertone in the shadows which I enhanced during color grading/crushing the blacks creates a really cool effect.

I did have a fog machine, a can of Fantasy FX aerosol, and dry ice scattered all throughout the pool (most of it dissipated by the time I took the picture) to get the fog.

85mm · f/4.0 · 1/200s · ISO 50
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David Whitaker's picture

i like this a lot better than the other one of this model you posted.

Jon Miller's picture

I agree with David, this is a killer image and the background works well.

that's awesome :-)

Lance Bachelder's picture

Great shot! The only thing that bugs me a bit is the railings in the back are a tad hot maybe? Distracts from the model a little bit.