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Bo Bickley's picture

I really like the hi-key soft pastel look. I think the web has blown the detail in the top white rose though, could be my iPad too. Nonetheless a very pretty photo.

Dariusz Szwedo's picture

just beautiful! What was the lighting setup on this?

Georgi Andinov's picture

Here's a photo :D

Between 15-20K All Arri HMI

4 small with diffuser above her, 1 big with the large diffuser in 45 degree, and 2 for the background...

We were shooting a Music Video and that was a still shot from it.

Dariusz Szwedo's picture

damn, thats a lot of light hahaha :D But seriously, really well done! I'd love to have that in my portfolio my self :)

Georgi Andinov's picture

Thanks Dariusz, that means a lot!

Lee Morris's picture

Love the model and her expression

Georgi Andinov's picture

Vania Bileva is one of my favourites :)

Tam Nguyen's picture

That's a pretty legit high-key man. Love it!

Chris Gillett's picture

Great one, Georgi!

I was hoping you would say, "I was cruising the Albanian Festival of Flowers, met this gorgeous model, asked her if I could take a portrait of her and SHABAM!"

Anonymous's picture

Sweet shot!

Susan Rockstraw's picture

I love this photo!

Rob Nitsch's picture

model, expression, composition and tone.. A++

Tracey Williams's picture

Gorgeous! Great Job.

John White's picture

Love this shot! The headpiece is awesome.

Jaron Schneider's picture

This photo is flipping CLASSY. Well done!

Trent Jones's picture

Love it, The lighting is spot on!

Dylan Patrick's picture

lighting and toning aside (which is awesome) her expression captures it all for me, awesome work!

Mikkel Walle's picture

Love the balance between sharp and soft. Great tones! Simple and beautiful

Christopher Lynn's picture


Slawomir MLYNARCZYK's picture

"Very Pure", beautiful!

Felix Inden's picture

Wonderful work in every concern!

Austin Rogers's picture

This is flawless man. Absolutely beautiful.

Josh Crump's picture

This is as good as it gets! Beautiful photo and great model.

Daniel Grindrod's picture

Stunning image Georgi!

Emilie Tournevache's picture

Wouah ! LOve it !

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jai long's picture

This is gorgeous :)

Alejandro Schott's picture

I can't stop looking at her!!! The expression is so kind, intense, soft, sexy, tender.
Just perfect!

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