Hristyana by Georgi Andinov
Georgi Andinov's picture


June 27, 2014

Hristyana for Amica Magazine

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braydon russell's picture

Your work feels almost effortless. Which is what makes it so phenomenal.

Georgi Andinov's picture

WOW, thank you Braydon, it really means a lot!

Bo Bickley's picture

Braydon says it best.

kofi morgan's picture

I too agree with Braydon.

Andrew Yianne's picture

Simply. Epic.

Charlie Magrin's picture

wonderful work!

Liz Emmanuel's picture

Love this!

Ale Vidal's picture

Love this. How can you shoot trough the glass without reflections? Is there any chance to see a light diagram?

Georgi Andinov's picture

Polarising filter :) The lighting was simple.1 light setup - beauty dish slightly to the left (enough to be next to it)

Ale Vidal's picture

Thank you very much... i tried some times ago with a softbox but had some issues even with polarizer