Toyota Corolla Interior by Smith And Daniels
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Toyota Corolla Interior

April 16, 2016

So heres a very quick shoot. We only had an hour in which to shoot the cabin of the Toyota Corolla and have the image handed over the very next day. This didn't give us much time to play with the image, but in the end this is what we got.

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Farbod Green's picture

Amazing job on the lighting & retouch, nothing to argue about.
but for the background, i wish there was something like a landscape or at least more realistic lighting because the perspective should not feel the same between the side windows and the front window (maybe that's personal preferences). yet, I still gave 5 Stars.

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Hey Dude. Yeah I totally agree!! I originally pitch the idea with a city scape, but it was for Toyota SA and their brief was to follow a previous image which had the grey gradient. Unfortunately guidelines always seem to stunt our creative juices, haha. But thanks for the fiver!!

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yes i totally understand, guidelines are always on our way. I usually try to convince the customer to understand the visual benefits of what I have in mind if I feel my ideas works better. but sometimes they just ignore it and keep asking for their own preferences.