Waiting by Chris K.
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April 21, 2016

Model: Nikola
MUA & Hair: Nikola
Location: Miami Shores, FL

So for this set with Nikola I wanted a bit of a glamour look, yet a kindof moody and warm feel too. As if she’s lit primarily from a hallway light where she’s waiting for her lover, and balancing that by “enhancing” practical lights in the background to keep all the attention on her.

Key: Opted for a strobe with a 22” beauty dish to define her shadows a bit more. I also used a honeycomb grid to get that light off the background as much as I could.

Back Light: Outside the window pointing toward the picture on the wall I had a strobe with 1.25 stops of CTO to really warm it up-as if outside there was one of those sodium vapor street lights. I also bounced into the ceiling a strobe with 1.25 stops of CTO metered about 4-5 stops under my key to slightly bring up the ambient exposure and get some detail into the background.

Rim Lights: Camera Right I had a strobe with 11” reflector, 30 degree grids, 1 stop CTO, and was metered about a stop under my key. I didn’t want it to overpower my key, but appear like it was lit from the window.
Camera Left that strobe had a 10”x36” stripbox, 1 stop CTO, and was metered around 2-3 stops under my key-wanted very little light to be visible, but help separate her from the background and appear to come from the practical light behind her.

In post I warmed everything up a bit more-especially the background.

60mm · f/5.0 · 1/100s · ISO 50
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Nice flash work