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April 29, 2016

Model & Makeup: Heather Lynne
Location: Miami, FL

For this set with Heather before she got enhanced, I was going for a “Playboy-look” with just a ton of colors in the background. It’s my preference not to gel my key light, or if I do keep it warm-I really don’t like deviating from that. So I just kept all the crazy colors on the background.

Key: A strobe with my 86” PLM umbrella. I used the “traditional” umbrella mount to offset the umbrella-which creates a hotspot which I pointed at her face.
I love how the light falls off from that hotspot-it’s a MUCH more cheaper way of doing this classic Playboy light. How they “did” it since they don’t do it any more was they’d use something like a Profoto ZoomSpot or a modified Source Four mounted to a strobe which was pointed strictly at her face, then another light for the key on the rest of her body… As opposed to using what could be an extra thousand dollars in renting another light and modifier-I did all that with an umbrella which cost under $100 to buy ;)
For fill I bounced a strobe into a 4'x6' California sunbounce on camera left.

Rim lights:
Camera Right I had two strobes with an 11” Long Throw Reflectors each and 3/4 CTO. And positioned to spill a bit onto the front of her body to warm a lot of her side.
Camera Left that strobe had a 10”x36 stripbox. Didn’t gel it, wanted it to contrast the opposite rim light.

So this is where it really got crazy… There’s a light gelled with every color you can see. If memory serves me right there was 6 backlights-all were lined up next to each other down a line on camera right. I controlled the spill with flags in between most of these lights. The three bokeh lights way in the background was from a practical light across from the canal which was 100 yards past the pool-so it was really far back.

85mm · f/3.5 · 1/200s · ISO 50
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