Kate - a cold day at the waterfall by Bill Larkin
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Kate - a cold day at the waterfall

May 22, 2016

Cold day at the waterfall just after winter, while there's still some runoff. We wanted a fashion/swimsuit kind of look. So we braved the cold, her more than me, haha.

We used Profoto D1 with a Rotalux deep octa as key, shot with PhaseOne 645 & Schneider Kreuznach optics.

PhaseOne 645DF
ISO 100
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Dan Howell's picture

Is this in Carson City?

Bill Larkin's picture

it is.

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Ok, thanks. I thought that I recognized the location from one of my past shoots before I had even looked at your home location. I thought that it was an interesting coincidence. Thanks for sharing.

Farbod Green's picture

nice fashionscape !
(a phrase for fashion photography in a lanscape shot)