Immersion by Gerald Macua
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June 12, 2016

Shot during my first trip ever to this beautiful area of the border between Oregon and Washington states, in the Cascades.
My friend has brought me to Panther Creek falls under a beautiful Pacific Northwest's foggy and rainy sky and despite being extremely wet, I really enjoyed myself being surrounded by so much green vegetation.

For this specific view I had to shot multiple frames with a different focus point because the part on the right side was extremely close to my lens.
I also had to shoot a couple of underexposed and overexposed frames to capture the light of the entire scene then blend it all using luminosity masks.
This was quite a challenge also because of the rain and mist that keep on falling on the camera gear as well, there were a lot of shoot, wipe of the lens, shoot, wipe, repeat...but I think the end result gives a great idea of the amazing scenery that this region provides.

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