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July 7, 2016

Model: Raissa Volanski
MUA: Raissa Volanski

This is from my recent shoot with Raissa before she moved to Colorado. Also at this time I was prepping for a shoot which would be a stylized evening video with mixing color temperatures. So I used a set from this shoot to give me a bit of a test of not only mixing color temperatures but playing with my white balance.

I white balanced to 4400K, which pretty much was between the 1 stop CTO on my Key light and the 1 stop CTB on my back/rim lights. Wanted to keep my key really warm and have an extremely blue background (I added very little saturation when color grading so as far as colors go with the exception of contrast this was how it was shot).

Lighting: The Key was practically dead center on her face and was right on top of me on camera right. The strobe had a 11-inch Long Throw Reflector and 20 degree grid with a 1 stop CTO.

The fill light was a strobe with 3/4 stop CTB bouncing into a 4’x6’ California Sunbounce’s soft side and was positioned on camera left. With the narrow grid on my Key controlling the spill it would fill in the rest of her body with a soft blue-just a bit warmer then the backlights.

So between the key and fill it pretty much is a classic playboy-like setup (with the exception of the blue). They used to light Playboy sets with something like a zoom spot on the key which was strictly pointed at the face and fill in the rest of her body. I just left the center of the key at her face and with the larger grid, I let it falloff to the blue from my fill light.

Rim lights: Strobe with a cyan gel and 7” reflector on camera right and separated her entire left side. In order to give the background some life, I allowed it to flare a little bit on the top right corner of my frame.

Back lights: I had a strobe on either side of the camera, the one on camera right had 1/2 CTO and was metered about a stop under my key, wanted a bit of warm on the table/chairs to contrast the blue walls. And on camera left that strobe had a 1 stop CTB and mostly was pointed to the walls.

85mm · f/3.2 · 1/200s · ISO 50
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beautiful and sexy