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Going Ballistic

July 8, 2016

Tornado GR4 going vertical at full re-heat, photographed from the back-seat of a Hawk (also going vertical at 4G) above the South coast of England.

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Wow! I can hear and feel this photo! And great clarity for the speed. Great subject against the background.

Simply EXCELLENT!!! Great work Graham!

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look almost like a CGI :)

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Looks awesome. Although it looks like the sun is on the right of the plane, but your key light on the plane is coming from the left.

Would you consider flipping the background slate horizontally?

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Thanks Anthony - although this isn't a composite. The light can play funny tricks at that altitude/time of day.

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Awesome image and description! I'm amazed that you were able to capture this

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Thanks Aneesh, air-to-air isn't easy!

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If air-to-air isn't easy, I'd hate to think how hard it would be to shoot this well going vertical at 4G...
Great shot

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Sick !