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Natural Light

August 30, 2016

Model: M.T.
MUA: Michelle Lelia
Bikini by: Jay Jay Swimwear
Location: Virginia Key, Miami, FL

I received a few new suits from Jay Jay, this one in particular was just the sample one-felt pretty special to shoot with the only one! And opted to do a very natural looking sunrise shoot for the line.

Literally went bare bones for this shoot: no lights, I did bring a reflector but for this set chose not to use it, and shot the day entirely on my go to prime the 85mm.

This was taken about an hour after sunrise, the trees blocked the sun from hitting her directly so I wouldn’t have to worry about a blown out sky/background, and there was a ton of bounce all over from the sand.

85mm · f/3.2 · 1/125s · ISO 80
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Just about any Mela shot is a good Mela shot. In particular I like the way light is hitting just the back of her hair. I find the tire tread pattern in the sand to be slightly distracting.

I was going to say the exact same thing. I have a feeling there's a large number of great shots in this shooting. <--Hint!

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I thought at the time that the bit of contrast from the tire tracks would balance the composition a bit. It's a bit distracting sure. To my eye at least the yellow brush leads my eye from Mela to it, and from the brush to the tire tracks since it's on the same side of the frame.

lol oh yeah there was literally a ton of great shots I edited from this day. Typically I do 12-15 edits, just finished the last one this morning...29! Mela is simply amazing to work with!

Actually my addition to Pete's reply was regarding the first sentence.

What tire tracks? ;)

Also... don't ya just hate the culling process on days like this, and wonder when you're going to get out to shooting again after wanting to develop 50+ photos?

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Oh got it lol ;)

I don't really mind it, I don't do much photography these days (about 90% of what I do is cinematography/video production).

Luckily the most I had to edit from one shoot was something like 55 photos. It was just like this-a simply gorgeous model and every picture was stunning (it was my shoot with Nikolart). This one with Mela was the 2nd most edits for the same reason.
If anything all the photos from those shoots allows me to milk content longer on my social media bandwagon during the slower times. So in the end it works out-minus all the sleepless nights of photoshop ;)

Stunning shoot and this place is very natural.

She looks familiar!

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And amazing to work with!