Milkyway Traveler by Arun Hegden
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Milkyway Traveler

September 17, 2016

Shot this near key monastery in Spiti. Our second day of shooting, where 3 of us got down on the way to the monastery for taking few shots with the localites and made some friends with local villagers and farmers. They shared their tea and we shared the photos with them.(thanks to d750 wifi and phone bluetooth).
Just after sunset we parted with our new friends, and we walked the way in the dark night with the million stars above our head, the music playing on our phone. En route we sat on a pavement near the road boundary. The Milky-way was rising slowly.
We thought let's enjoy the moment rather than just shooting from the beginning. We sat there for around half n hour making plans on life and telling each other this was the moment(sitting under the stars with music on, absolutely no phone network or anyone to interfere) we waited for.
The other members meanwhile had shot sunset at key monastery and they had already started with the Milky-way shots. We got lucky enough to get onto a tractor(for a km may be) filled with sand and had a bumpy jumpy ride till where our friends were shooting, where I shot this picture.
Tractor ride- check, Life under the Milkyway with Music ON- check.
5d mark iii | 14mm Rokinon | F2.8 | 30 sec | ISO-3200

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