Mechanic by Smith And Daniels
October 15, 2016

Another take on the Racing driver.

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These are really cool! I'm actually working on an ongoing project that looks a lot like this. Very cool portraits!

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Hey Patrick, thanks so much for dropping a comment! I recon your project is going to be great! Not sure if one could get tag?.....but if you can tag me, would love to see some of the ideas you've cooked up. Thanks once again for the comment.

@Patrick Hall : I am not sure but are there any thing wrong if there are two website of different photographers, but have the same photos as this photo and some others ? Mechanic , and Racing photos also exist in Porfolio website of this photographer as below :

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Morning Nhat Le. Thanks so much for your concern, you can never be too careful. So is my very old and outdated site. This will come down in the next couple months. Smith&Daniels is my new commercial site specialising in only commercial, advertorial and print work. S&D comprises of my self Devon "Daniel" Krige(photographer) and Retoucher Adrian Grant "Smith". Hope this clarifies this for you. Regards

@Smith and Daniels : Thanks for giving me very clearly answer and sorry for the misunderstanding. It just because my own case study about illegal bowrrow and reused my photos and my friends photos, all about our Vietnamese daily life and street photography. Some foreigners download our photos and upload to other photo site under their name, as the photos taken by them. some others internet friends saw our photos on the travel galleries of the thieves websites, and let us know. Many others hobbies photographers saw our photos on their sites and join the announcing photo trip to Vietnam for shooting some kinds look a like our photos. We had contact them, inform that they used illegal our photos and after sometimes complained and proved, they must take down and deleted our photos from their websites, but in silence and no apology to us. Since that situations, I feel sensitive and just want your guys and this site Admin Pattrick, about a situation as I mention above. :-). Any way, I do like your enviroment portraits series, that's why I remember your photos and supprised when I saw your photos on devonkrige website :-)
Nhat Le.

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Evening Nhat Le, not a problem at all. As mentioned before you can never be too careful. Also, I appreciate you taking the time out to raise your concerns. Im sorry you were not so lucky. I would recommend water marking your images, but unfortunately this does detract from the from the over look and feel of the image. I hopped over to your instagram account, and love the way in which you have captured the peoples expressions and moods. If you have ANY question or concerns, please never hesitate in dropping me a line. Regards S&D