The End is Nigh by Chris K.
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The End is Nigh

January 3, 2017

Model & MUA: Chelsea Palmer

So this was one of the first full composite images I ever did… I’m sure I’d do it totally different now then when I shot this four years ago! We shot at my studio at the time-Chelsea was in front of a white cyc wall.

Key: Einstein with a 86” Soft Silver PLM umbrella, on camera left. I wanted a flat light on her face to mimic the muzzle flash I’d add in post.
Backlights: Both on the left and right behind Chelsea, both had a 10”x36” softbox and was metered 1.5-2 stops under my key. I wanted a little bit of separation to help cut her out in photoshop.

And that was it for lighting. We shot about 10 different sets with my guns (yes they are real). This particular one was with my PS90, Walter PK380 in my horizontal shoulder holster, and you can’t see it in the thigh holster, but I did have my Colt 1911 in it.
I spent about 4-5 hours in photoshop retouching, compositing everything, and color grading the image.

26mm · f/11.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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