Vancouver Sunset by Hamid Safi
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Vancouver Sunset

January 5, 2017

It was a beautiful sunset in Vancouver but I felt the foreground was lacking. I saw a man pulling in his boat. He was very nice to move his boat for me. And viola! How could I improve this photo?

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Beautifully done

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Beautiful skyline and colors. Well done :)

Very nice image. Really liked what Mona said above. If I were to be critical, I'd ask you to use a wider lens and get closer to the canoe and also try and line the bridge so it come in diagonally from the upper left corner. I still like this image though. Nicely done.

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Looks like someone found HDR for the first time... and there's some weird typography in the bottom left corner that is quite distracting. You should buff that out if possible.

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Nice capture. The only thing I found is that the angle at which the bridge comes across the image is visually distracting.