2016 is over, and while looking at the pictures I took during this past year, I realized I didn't shoot any creative studio/beauty shoot in over 12 months! It used to be what I love doing, in fact, I believe it still is. But taking a year off of that made me realize there are other interesting things to do out there.

I shot quite a few portrait sessions in natural light, I gave film and medium format a try, I got a few commercial jobs, and refined my retouching. The picture above was shot with the beautiful Noemie, a new face, who since has become a great friend of mine. It was the first time she was posing, and it was my first time shooting film… It was quite funny to make her pose while looking through my waist level viewfinder and her trying to follow my indications. But that's the kind of experience that made me grow as a photographer and become a better person as well.

With 2017 here, I believe it's time to get my strobes, makeup, brushes, and my creativity back out again and start doing some more original work. Natural light portrait is an excellent way to get to know people, but I actually miss creating fun projects that make one wonders if that was done in post or not! Happy new year eveyone, and may 2017 be the year of a better, stronger, and more creative you :)

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