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April 24, 2017

Model & MUA: MiKy

So for this shoot with MiKy I forgot to pack my go-to light modifier for my key light… my 86” PLM Umbrella :( So I improvised.
I was going for a classic Playboy glamour look with a bit of a golden hour/morning feel to give the background an overall warm look.


Key: Was positioned at Miky’s 4 o’clock not as centered as I typically do and was booklit: bounced my strobe in a 4’x6’ California Sunbounce’s white side which was then diffused by a roll of 1/2 soft frost (this has been my goto type of diffusion by the way-I only loose 3/10 of a stop and literally change the color temp by 30 degrees so it’s nowhere as extreme as some diffusions out there)

Fill: a 2nd 4’x6’ California Sunbounce’s white side fairly close to me just filling in some light

Rimlights: On camera right a strobe with a 11” long throw reflector and 10 degree grid pointed at her hair/head. I set it at 2 stops above my key for this part of the set (turned it to match the opposite rim light later though). There wasn’t much room for it to illuminate between the wall and column she was standing in front of.
On camera left I had 2 strobes both with 7” reflectors, 20 degree grids, and 1/2 CTS. One was pointed at her hair to her chest, and the 2nd just below illuminating her waist to hips.

Bounced a strobe with 1/4 CTS in a 42” reflector’s white side to illuminate the whole background. Metered 1/2 split stop under my key. And it’s not visible in this particular picture but there was a chandler on camera left, I bounced another strobe with a 1/2 CTS into the ceiling above the chandler to enhance that light for the wider shots of this set).

85mm · f/2.8 · 1/120s · ISO 100
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Nice I wish I could find a good model in Colorado