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Nicole York's picture

Enchanted: Goddess

June 19, 2017

A conceptual portrait shot in studio using three lights. The goal was to create a painterly image reminiscent of the Dutch Masters like Vermeer, while capturing a sense of other-worldly magic.

120mm · f/11.0 · 1/100s · ISO 200
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William Howell's picture

The light is spot on and the shadows are nice and soft but dramatic.
The subject's right arm seems not composed well, but you do high quality work, no doubt.
Is that a canvas background? It's very beautiful.

Nicole York's picture

Thanks very much, William! I'm happy with the arm, but I think that might be all a matter of taste.
The backdrop was hand painted by photographer Kate Woodman. She's not only a stellar photographer, but she's also a killer painter!

Rafael Orczy's picture

very nice image!

Daniel Shortt's picture

That is absolutely gorgeous.
The hair, makeup, lighting, pose...just all of it.

Studio 403's picture

Lovely Nicole, and the background so nice, subtle nude, well done