Anna On The River by Daniel Medley
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Anna On The River

August 18, 2017

Recently we went on a trip to central Idaho along the Salmon River. Due to the wildfires there was a lot of smoke in the area making it difficult to produce a background that wasn't diffused and nearly blown out.

For this shot I simply exposed for the ambient--bringing it down just a bit--and used a single bare speed light camera right to pop the subject and fill in the shadows just a bit.

50mm · f/2.8 · 1/200 · ISO 100
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Shane Smith's picture

You get to go to some beautiful place and photograph some beautiful women Daniel.
Thank you for letting us know your setup in capturing the photos. its VERY helpful for US newbies at this type of photography :)

Daniel Medley's picture

Thank you, Shane. I look at your landscapes and go, Man, I need to learn me some of that.