Maryse by Réjean Brandt
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Junior Robles's picture

Lovely pose! Light is even better.. Great choice of background!

Andrew Yianne's picture

Amazing! Love the light and colors!

Tracey Williams's picture


Beautiful! Well done.

Andrew Yianne's picture

Sweet lighting!

Dudley Didereaux's picture

Simply superb.

Tony Guillaro's picture

Wow this is breathtaking!!

Well shot, well lit, well reatouched!

Josh Crump's picture

Light and tones are perfect - beautiful work!

Anonymous's picture

nice editing, not overdone :)

David Matthews's picture

I'm so jealous of how clean your work is!

Mon dieu!

Image Faktory's picture

Beautiful !! One Light set up ?

Wow - gorgeous!

This is what I was looking for in "A Sense of Passion". I think you've captured the story perfectly. Put this Top Shelf!