Maryse by Réjean Brandt
July 8, 2014
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Bo Bickley's picture

Beautiful, sexy, sultry! Damn!, great work Rejean

Krzysztof Budych's picture

Nice light and great model !!

Simon Dyjas's picture

muy excelente !

Vlad Moldovean's picture

lovely work!

Will Phillips's picture

So sensual! I love it. Great work!

Andrew Yianne's picture


Randy Budd's picture

Love this pose. Nice work.


brian sumner's picture

Awesome shot! Pose, expression, hair, clothes, everything fits perfectly. Lighting looks great! Skin is flawless. Expression is perfect. Nice work

Réjean Brandt's picture

Thank you Brian!

Bill Larkin's picture

I really like this photo, and the outfit.... it's great.

To me this is perfection. Thank you for sharing this.. I'm aspiring.. So I got the lighting down, I got the gear but no clue how to edit something to have this touch to it.

James Allen Stewart's picture

Clean fashion shot! The skin-texture on her chest is really what makes this photo. Very talented!

Réjean Brandt's picture

Thanks James!

Nice even lighting. Nice work!

Anonymous's picture

Lovely image