Amoriese by Rex Jones
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September 19, 2017

Another attempt to see how well I can do with shooting swimwear while not having any beach access whatsoever.

135mm · f/2.0 · 1/320s · ISO 400
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So I love a lot of your work (and you hear the 'but' coming don't you?)... but this one feels so distant. Moreso than "Crystal" it feels like you've snuck up on her with a long lens or something. I think it's the amount of foreground presence before the subject. It's a feeling I didn't have with the similar "Loretta" shot, for some reason. I see all of them are 135mm, so it must be about the composition. Just my reaction.

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John, I absolutely LOVE feedback like this! :) Most people don't take the time to provide such valuable feedback like you have, so thank you! (Really, most people aren't near as kind when offering a critique either, haha)

I can see what you're saying though, like there's less of a connection with our subject. I will definitely be putting the advice to work on my next shoot! :)

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