Bison Backlight  by Cathleen Shea
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Bison Backlight

October 7, 2017

Bison at dusk in Yellowstone National Park.

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Dawww this is awesome. Great shot!

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Thank you, Chris. I was inspired by a photo made by the great Art Wolfe. His bison at Yellowstone NP shot was epic. In the snow, morning light, the bison backlighting was stunning, plus the steam puffs of breath being highlighted in the morning sun. I believe the US Postal Service bought his image to use for a stamp.

My shot was in the evening along the banks of the Firehole Lake at Yellowstone NP. Thank goodness for a 300mm lens. :)

This is probably blasphemy but I have actually never heard of Art Wolfe until now. I looked him up and HOLY MOLY he does incredible work. I can see how you got your inspiration for this shot!

Indeed! 300mm can really reach out and touch a subject!

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Hahahahaaahahaa... it's ok. I admire your confidence to fess up. Art Wolfe had a nature photography show on PBS for years. My idolatry of him went down a bit when I learned he had a whole team of post-processing staff for his photos. But I guess when you're rich and famous... hire it out?

The man has an amazing eye for composition, that's for sure.