Couchsurfer II by Iain Lea
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Couchsurfer II

October 23, 2017
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Daniel Jones's picture

Can I ask what the idea is behind this one?

Iain Lea's picture

high class erotica appealing to guys and gals

Daniel Jones's picture

I was wondering more like what is her story in this photo?

Deleted Account's picture

Why, she met this guy, they had a great night out, went to a hotel, had a wonderful chat replete with witty repartees, made passionate love, ordered a bottle of semi-sweet wine. Now he's in the shower and she's just spruced herself up, pretending to be asleep, reminiscing about the events of the past hours and ready for a rerun.

Bill Larkin's picture

I like it and I like the concept. Nice coloring on the skin, well done :)

Hector Reyes's picture

Love this composition! Well done.

Iain Lea's picture

thanks hector