A Lady in Red by Chris K.
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A Lady in Red

December 11, 2017

Model: Diana Vazquez
MUA&H: Michelle Lelia

-Key was at her 3 o'clock on camera right. Light modifiers was a 86" PLM umbrella and diffusion sock
-Bounce was a 4'x6' California sunbounce's white/soft side on camera left-just out of frame.
-Rim lights: On camera right-a 10"x36" stripbox. Metered the same as the key.
Camera Left was two lights one right on top of the other, both had 1/2 CTS, the top light had a 11" long throw reflector and 15 degree grid and focusing solely on her head to chest, bottom just a plain reflector and focused on her waist to legs. Both lights were metered 1/4 of a stop over the key
-Back light was on camera right with a 2' softbox just to illuminate the background. Metered 1.5 stops under the key

This was one of my favorite sets wth Diana, she happened to have a red dress which matched nicely with the red walls of the living room in the mansion we were shooting in.

85 · f/3.5 · 1/100 · ISO 100
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