From a test shoot with Em from Viviens models Sydney

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Fairuz Baiquny's picture

Awesome Shot. could u tell me how the lightning setup and camera/lenses settings?

Daniel Shortt's picture

settings are irrelevant on a studio shot.
Lighting is a 1m octa as key, and strip with grid and cto gel as a backlight.

Fairuz Baiquny's picture

awesome. thanks for the reply.
do u use black v flat on the left side of the pict??

Daniel Shortt's picture

no if it was natural light that might work, but a strobe falls off fast enough when it's that close.

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You know I am not 100% sure why. But this is honestly one of my favorite pictures I've ever seen

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There is much better than my work out there. But thank you.

Lolu Ogunlewe's picture

As they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think this shot is gorgeous. Maybe it's the simplicity or subtlety that makes me like it. I can appreciate you having humility but it's just my humble opinion this is an amazing photo. I look forward to more of your work.