85mm · f/1.8 · 1/800s · ISO 400
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Mike Distras's picture

As always, beautiful image! :)

David Lara's picture

Gorgeous! I don't even mind the ring light catch light. it's subtle so for me adds a little something!11111

Anonymous's picture

Ha she looks like one of my first girlfriends. Good looking girl, good looking use of a 1.8. her positioning is perfect for it.

Felix Inden's picture

Great approach with the texturing, lovely processing as used mate :)

Matt Allan's picture

This is just classically good.
Beautiful work.

Jessi Raymond's picture

Awesome ring light!

Anthony Passant's picture

It's totally worth it to add some texture on the background, the attention on the subject is multiplied by a thousand ! And the subject here, is....... <3

Frederic Charpentier's picture

So nice !

Jordan Hartley's picture

Great stuff

Ian Sbalcio's picture

really like this one man. a few months ago i started adding textures to the backgrounds of portraits (not all of them) i think it looks great when done right. nice work.

Jeff Lohne's picture

LOVE LOVE LOVE that ring light... great work as always

Anonymous's picture

Love what you have done here. The ring light in her eyes really adds that extra something.

Stephen Robertson's picture

That skin tone is incredible!

Christoph Moosbrugger's picture

I am really addicted to your portraits. your style with the tight depth of field and your play with the light is just amazing.

Alberto Do Val Simões Júnior's picture

Dani, your great reference for me, can You see my last work? be way, great shoot

Louis Tinsley's picture

always loved this shot

aris antoniou's picture