Andrea by Michael Woloszynowicz
July 14, 2014

Studio portrait of model Andrea from Spot 6 Model Management.

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Felix Inden's picture

Beautyful tender lighting and processing again, love that style of yours :)

Percy Ortiz's picture

you know what i think? i think Andrea needs to shoot with me :P
Great portrait Michael… as always ;)

She is great Percy :)

The skin work is sooooooo perfect !! Congrats Michael, that's huge ! <3

Much appreciated Anthony, cheers

Frederic Charpentier's picture

Really nice beauty portrait !
It would be difficult to make it better... Good job !

Glad you like it Frederic. Thank you!

Catharine Schroeder's picture

The highlights really accentuate the softness of her face, while still being so full of detail. Beautiful!

Thanks a lot for the kind words Catharine

Bo Bickley's picture

Michael - I mean this with the upmost respect and sincerity. I've looked at every one of your photos here. Read most if not all of your articles - you sir are amazing! Your photos are so good and your retouching so perfect that I have to ask. Is it live or is it Memorex. Oh shit I just dated myself - oh well.

Jeff Lohne's picture

Gorgeous model and stunning headshot.. Love your work..

John Magana's picture

Clean and beautiful. That had to be a giant light source. Lovely lighting.

Anonymous's picture

Absolutely stunning!

Lucas Jones's picture

amazing work. any image info you care to share?

Kornel Gyorgyei's picture

Simple, soft, beautiful. Love!

bang nguyen's picture

stunning picture. love it