Chayma. by Denis Hedone
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February 13, 2018

My typical lighting setup was used to create this portrait: 135cm Octa with 95cm silver reflector.

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Nice shot! I love the crop with some negative space at the left. Chapeau!

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Thank you, Sascha! Originally I wasn’t happy with composition much as model was positioned more or less in the middle of the frame. Then I extended the background to left in the post and cropped the right side of the image.

Paul Sokal's picture

What Sascha said. Next time make it easy on yourself and do it in camera.

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Thanks, Paul! Most of the time I'm still trying to make it right in camera, but sometimes I notice something when it's too late.

Paul Sokal's picture

Your portfolio is beautiful. No shortage of right there!

Edward Noble's picture

Stunning! Love the tones, composition and pose!

Denis Hedone's picture

Thank you, Edward! This is one of my favourite portraits I shot so far.

Ati Grinspun's picture

amazing , I'm a portrait photographer and I can only dream of creating something so beautiful and powerful thanks for sharing (

Julian Ray's picture

A bit over produced eyes but strong work.

Peter N.'s picture

Awesome portrait work. The skin of her face is a bit too over-processed for my taste. Additionally the background grain is too strong (it's on the background only?). Anyway, I love it though.