Sea of clouds from the top of Mt. Kuruhi by Masahiro Ikeda
Masahiro Ikeda's picture

Sea of clouds from the top of Mt. Kuruhi

March 2, 2018

Great saturated sunrise with sea of cloud from the top of Mt. Kuruhi, lovely gift on an amazing morning.

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Leonard Loh's picture

Beautiful shot! Great job

Masahiro Ikeda's picture

Thank you Leonard!!

Jordan McChesney's picture

Amazing detail and movement in the clouds among the mountains.
I love this photo, however I think I might prefer it with a little less sky on top. There isn't much going on up there and I feel the focus is the mountains below.
Either way, fantastic image. I hope I can capture one like this some day!

Masahiro Ikeda's picture

Hi Jordan, thank you for the comment. Yea It could be. I personally prefer the pattern of the cloud in the sky. I'm going to try what you said next time:) Thanks anyway!

Jordan McChesney's picture

Well, you don't have to change it just because one person said so, haha. Just do what you think looks right. Your photos look great, so you're doing great.

Masahiro Ikeda's picture

I know, but at least I can try that:) Thank you!!