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Fun With Kiddie Pools

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Fun With Kiddie Pools

Blow-up pool, a couple bedsheets, and the sun. Oh, and a heavy dose of post-processing. Easy Peasy.

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Adam Bender's picture

Killin' it, man!

grayson lauffenburger's picture

haha thanks a lot dude! its amazing what you can do with a couple bed sheets and an inflatable pool!

Darren Nana's picture

Amazing indeed! so was it just some sheets underneath or to diffuse the sun?

grayson lauffenburger's picture

thanks! it was a black sheet underneath and a black sheet on top covering half the pool because its was cloudy and the light was already pretty well diffused but i wanted to just remove some from camera right in order to give the image a bit more shape.

Darren Nana's picture

Thanks for Sharing

Josh Eskridge's picture

This is such a strong image. The focus, color tones, model, etc. It's really well done!