Madame Butterfly by Kendra Paige
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Madame Butterfly

July 23, 2014

Model: Megan Coffey
Designer: Krystell Barraza
Stylist: Alyssa Blanco
Assistant: Chris Anthony

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Claude Laramée's picture

Your work is 1st class ! Congrats and wishing you many more top ones in 2015

Kendra Paige's picture

Thank you so much, that's very kind! I believe this is the first comment I've received on FStoppers! I really appreciate it!

JAZZMAN 8's picture

Actually 3.5star. I actually think it's the dress. If you cropped to a head shot it's fantastic. Love her expression. Love the pose, great light, clarity../'s the dress. It became my focal point and since it's not a runway start to lose me.

Kendra Paige's picture

I'm with you on that! I did play around with a tighter crop in post, but found it difficult to accomplish without severing limbs in a way that was not aesthetically pleasing. I give myself more room now with shots like this, to allow more freedom when cropping.

charles warren's picture

I like your photography. The only thing about this photo is the folded right hand looks a bit disproportionate. That is not a knock on your work it looks a bit wide folded. This is a hard pose to pull off to me. I just have this thing about posing hands. Otherwise lovely.

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