Underground Mining by Smith And Daniels
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Underground Mining

June 1, 2018

Im not to sure how far underground we were, but after traveling through a maize of tunnels we eventually arrived at this place. A steel container, were meetings happen and lunches take place. Here we see a chap filling out his log book, lit by only a fluorescent light and his headlamp. Needless to say my camera and the overalls we were given were mighty dirty by the time we left. This images is straight out of camera so not much to say about it. Shot with a 50mm at F2.

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Thanks so much Matthias, appreciate you taking the time to comment.

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excellent job as usual :)

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Thanks so much Bill, always enjoy you taking the time out to comment on the images. Appreciate it.

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Thanks so much Mateusz.

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This is beautiful! Fuckkk.

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Great shot. My first impulse was: the white balance is off.
But on second thought it creates an interesting color harmony. I am torn here :)

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Hey Matthias!!! Thanks so much! You are absolutely correct about the white balance. I wanted that feeling of being deep underground and I felt the colour shift/change helped give that. But you have a great eye for picking this up. Thanks once again for the complement.

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Love the shot. Strange comment maybe but his watch is distracting. It's to polished for the setting it's in. But man this is good work!

p.s. keep up the Standard Bank work. The "people in the workplace" series is very nice.

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Hey Mark, great eye and comment. I think your right, might be a bit blingy for the situation, being a miner. But I think I never noticed it as the hat, overalls, watch and lighting was all of the same shade of yellow. Thanks again for the complement regarding the Standard Bank work( might be my favourite situational shots). Regards