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Grow Chicka Chicka

I don't often get to act upon my photo ideas. But often when I lay awake at night, I dream up crazy photo ideas which never see the early light of morning. But when I learnt about this weeks #weeklyfstopgrow I thought and thought and eventually came up with this idea which I hope is a little more unique.

We were lucky when just over a week ago, we managed to hatch five chicks successfully and they have been cheeping the nights away keeping us all awake. This fella was the first to hatch. I wanted to call him Solo but I was overruled and the kids named him Chicka. Of course, the next two chicks to hatch were called 'Boom Boom' and 'Oh Yeah' (FBDO)

After I had cleared the chicks out and made them comfortable in a different box, I found a nice bit of wood, set up the lamp and the food and then tested the OCF. A simple cardboard tube formed a snoot and after testing the 24-105mm, I settled on the wide angle lens. Only after I was happy with the lighting did I introduce the chick. After he had settled, I took three photos. So as not to stress him too much, I swapped him out, waited and then took three photos of the next chick. Once I had reviewed the photos, I selected two favourites and quickly returned the chicks to their original cardboard box complete with food and water as always.

Boom boom, oh yeah, chicka-chickahh...

Canon EOD 7D mark II
10mm · f/5 · 1/30sec · ISO-400
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