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Forgotten Titans

New techniques to make small objects look even bigger! New series, new project: "Forgotten Titans" This image was shot using a 1/144 scale model... It is so small that in order to achieve depth of filed I needed to go with Focus Stacking... 70 individual shots. Also I had special care in painting and weathering the model as making the desert scene. Additional BG was insert in post.

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Makes me wish I was more artistic. Wonderful production!

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Thank you so much Alex!!!!

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Thanks Andres!

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Next level, great work.

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Thank you Ethan!

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Is this regular sand? How do you get that to scale? Great shot btw

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I saw this on Instagram this morning. It looks even better on a bigger screen. Not only is the photography top notch, but the modeling skills are amazing as well. I have this At-At kit myself and a ton of work went into this to make it look this way.

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Thank you so much Brandon for appreciating the work behind the photo!!!... 3 day painting this little guy!... But it's so fun!!!... I have 5 more ships to work with... so exited about this new project!

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Seriously fantastic work.

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Thank you Carl!

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Fucking Wow dude!!! Stunning!

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thanks Dave!

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attracking photo on the first gaze!

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Love seeing/reading the BTS of this shot and the amazing result - awesome!

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Thanks Philip!!!!

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Fantastic shot!

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Thank you Rob!

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Amazing work, looks so cool, very well done.

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Thanks Robert!

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Nicely done! Great work.

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fantastic detail. wonderfully thought out and executed