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Bill Lemon's picture

"Ray Time"

June 30, 2018

Another photo shoot.
Nikon 300
ISO 200

155mm · f/5.6 · 1/2000s · ISO 200
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Isaac Holyk's picture

Another one, why would this woman be naked on a dirt road sunbathing come on man, just ask your self next time does this make sense why would she be naked in this scene

This is photography, not real life. Not everything has to make real world sense. I swear some people have absolutely no artistic sense. Look at almost any portrait of a person posed. Nobody stands, sits or lays down in those poses naturally but I'm sure you wouldn't bitch about those images not making sense. This comment was so stupid it's irritating.

Bill Lemon's picture

Thank you for your input, you couldn't have said it better.
Thanks, Bill

Isaac Holyk's picture

If a photo does not make any sense at all then.... The picture would have been better with no model. Why would any woman EVER sit naked on gravel and sun bathe around a blind corner on a dirt road..... WTF. AT least lay a towel down , hitchhiking would have been better anything other than sun bathing, come on. By your logic then Hustler is art as well. There was no artistic value at all to this, the chick even looks like the rocks on her ass are hurting her. So what is the story then, she gets ran over???? I have said it before and I will say it again if their is no story behind the photo it is just nudity for the sake of nudity and that is not art. The picture was not flattering to her body type ... have you ever heard of subtle shadows maybe leaving something to imagine. Just relaxing is a great photo, Hot car Hot model is stupid. Some of Bill's work is amazing so when I see something like this... well I think he could do better. How hard is it to look at the frame and think " Does this make any sense at all"??? Like "The Old Fence" That is a great photo, that could be hung on a wall or used as a screen saver, she looks beautiful the scene is artistic, great picture.