Distance by Roberto Inetti
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July 26, 2014

Model: Carson Nicely
Agency: Campbell Models,Amax Talent, Chosen Model
Photog: Roberto Inetti

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Grayson Lauffenburger's picture

haha my dude carson! great photo.

Roberto Inetti's picture

You know him? Great model and better person.

Andrew Yianne's picture

Love the catchlights and colors!

Roberto Inetti's picture

Thank you Andrew!

Michael Alfaro's picture

Wow! this is an amazing image I love the lighting.

Claude Lee Sadik's picture

Nice work on the lighting !

Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

cinematic! like it !

Roberto Inetti's picture

Thank you Karl!

Jason Ranalli's picture

This is another one of those photos that I have no idea what it is about...but it's great. Really good expression.

Roberto Inetti's picture

Thanks Jason :)

Gabriel Cruz's picture

Well IMO the eyes looks tense. Besides this, the image is perfect. Love the tones.

Andrew S's picture

Love this picture man. Carson's expression seems a little blank and confused but it works so well with the colors and muted tones. Very nice.

Roberto Inetti's picture

This picture was taken 1 week before he moved to LA. It's a life changing event and we wanted to show that in these images, the bar and the the 1000 yard stare while drinking look was all planed :)
Thank you Andrew!

Mitchell Lea's picture

I'm loving the light and tones in this shot! Fantastic! However, based on all the other "popular photos", it seems you accidentally uploaded this photo instead of a half clothed woman...

Roberto Inetti's picture

Haha Mitchell, I know... I'm guilty of uploading those images too! As a photographer, I shoot everything, but I do have more female clients than male clients, that's why I upload more of that type of content.

Very smooth lighting.

Roberto Inetti's picture

Thank you Nikolay!

Andre Goulet's picture

Your post processing on this is most excellent!

Roberto Inetti's picture

Thank you Andre!