Hitchhikers by Aaron Duke
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July 10, 2018

This dragonfly was kind enough to sit still just long enough for me to get this picture. It has a bunch of water mites attached to it. From what I have read, the water mites attach themselves to the dragonfly nymph while it is still in the water. They continue to feed on the dragonfly and then release themselves when the dragonfly returns to the water to lay its eggs. I learn something new everyday.

72mm · f/22 · 1/125th · ISO 125
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Álvaro Del Águila's picture

I love the details on the eyes. Interestinc facts aswell, didn't know either. Thanks for sharing with us! What objective did you use here, was it a selfbuilt rig?

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Thank you very much Alvaro! This was shot with a Nikon 55-300 lens with a Raynox D250 attached. The flash was a regular hot shoe speedlite with a diffuser. I wish I had the knowledge to build my own rig. I'm still learning.

Álvaro Del Águila's picture

I used to use a Raynox D250 aswell some years ago. They actually do quiet a good job for the money. Still, nice work by you. Love your macro photography. Keep it up mate!