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Norton Wisdom

Performance Artist Norton Wisdom

Lighting info:
- AlienBee B800 in med. soft box, camera right at aprox. 30 degree angle
- AlienBee B800 in med. octabox behind camera, up high, for fill
- AlienBee B800 with 40 degree grid behind subject, aimed at Thunder Grey seamless background
- Paul C. Buff Cybercync triggers

Canon 5d Mkll
Canon 24-105mm 'L' Lens (70mm)
F/11 - 125th sec. - 125 ISO
Photoshop CS6

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Don Shader's picture

Cool pic. I think I would have put a lit cigarette in his left hand. Just saying.

Regina Pagles's picture

Norton wanted to be photographed with his hands completely covering his face. I EVENTUALLY got his hands to a place where I could see his eyes. This was an unusual sitting, very quick and no prep. I consider myself very lucky to have gotten this image. Just sayin' :)

Ben McLendon's picture

Looks like you really captured the essence of this guy. Nice!

Michael Leadbetter's picture

Superb images, like your others.