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Dinner is Served

Model: Seth Allen

Lighting info:
- AlienBee B800 in med. soft box, camera left at aprox. 30 degree angle
- AlienBee B800 in med. octabox behind camera, up high, for fill
- AlienBee B800 with 40 degree grid behind subject, aimed at an Oliphant Studio custom canvas backdrop
- Paul C. Buff Cybercync triggers

Canon 5d Mkll
Canon 24-105mm 'L' Lens (70mm)
F/11 - 125th sec. - 125 ISO
Photoshop CS6

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This is awesome! haha!!

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Thank you, Paulo :)

Grzegorz Biermanski's picture

I like the concept and the light setup. Well done.

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Thank you very much, Grzegorz!