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Meeting Room

Western exposure of a meeting room on the 23rd floor of a high rise in downtown Miami. Afternoon light enters from camera left and casts shadows across the conference table. Use multiple bracketed exposures as well as off-camera flash to bring out the detail on the back of the seating, the light fixtures and the tabletop.

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Really nice and well-balanced shot! Now, I get it. It gives a bit more dynamic to the image with diagonal lines! PS: Is there any reason that you did not clone out the reflections in the TV?

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Glad you like the shot! In interior design/architectural photography, you're given a little more leeway with editing as opposed to real estate, so I could have cloned out the reflections 100% as you mentioned, as well as altered quite a bit more in the scene since you're really looking to portray the designer's "intent" rather than the exact scene as it sits.

It's funny, that screen was a complete mess in the original raw and what you see is the result of quite a bit of cleanup. I left the reflections so that the panel itself looked like a TV rather than it being a black void - it's kind of weird to explain, but when the TV panel looks perfect, it draws your eye to it and makes the shot look "photoshopped". It's better to clean it up to 90% so that the other 10% keeps the scene more believable. Like, there's some yellow color cast on the wall under the window reflecting off of the carpet. Could have colored it out but it starts to look a little "too clean". Even the window itself was cleaned up of a ton of reflections but i left some yellow rectangles under the big building outside to show that there is some glass in those windowpanes. I hope this makes sense.