Kylo Ren cosplay - 01 by Yaroslav Lukiyanchenko
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Kylo Ren cosplay - 01

August 4, 2018

The series of images with @muraki_cosplay were done in the forest not far from my house.
We were lucky with weather - rain began the next days. However there was a fail with smoke torches I bought to create a natural haze in the forest. 5 torches, with a burning time about a minute, didn't work at all. The remaining 5 by another manufacturer with burning time about 10-15 seconds were really not enough.
So the final backgrounds were made with photoshop using 5-6 several images.
But this is much easier than drawing a naturalistic haze by yourself.

/ This image inspired by Doug Chiang's concept art of Kylo Ren. /

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